Petzzco is a social platform for Pet-Lovers and can create a Pet-Community. The aim of the application is to share the everlasting memories with their pets and showering the unconditional affection for them. Furthermore, the application’s objective is to provide the best pet services starting from Vet to NGOs and lot more. In nutshell, Petzzco is developed to support Pet-Lovers in raising their healthy pets.

Key Features of the Application:

  • Connect to other Pet-Lovers
  • Create or Follow a Community
  • Create or Follow a Page
  • Add your pet stories, posts, images or videos
  • Pet Registration (on Govt. sites)
  • Name Generator
  • Veterinary services
  • Pet Health & Vaccine Reminders
  • NGOs & Adoptions
  • Grooming Service
  • E-Commerce for Pet products
  • Blog Posts
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