Overview of the Project:

Kalpataru is among the most rapidly expanding laminate brands in India, boasting a substantial field sales force.

Recognizing the need to efficiently manage customer information, orders, and performance metrics, Kalpataru sought a tailored solution. In response, our application offers a suite of functionalities tailored to executive staff needs.

Sales officers can strategize monthly journeys and sales plans, with real-time tracking facilitated through Geo Google Maps. Field staff can validate their locations with random selfies, ensuring accuracy.

Moreover, the application aids in generating insightful business expansion reports based on Compulsory Journey Plans (CJP).

Lead management, follow-ups, and meeting scheduling are seamlessly integrated to streamline operations and generate comprehensive reports on call productivity.


The project presented a series of complex challenges that demanded meticulous attention to detail and innovative problem-solving:

  • Diverse Functionality Requirements : Crafting a solution encompassing journey planning, sales tracking, geo-tagged verification, and comprehensive reporting demanded a holistic approach to software development.
  • Integration with Geo-Tracking Technology : Implementing seamless integration with Google Maps for real-time location tracking posed technical intricacies, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • User Experience Design : Balancing functionality with intuitive user interface design was crucial to ensure adoption and usability by field sales personnel with varying technical proficiency.
  • Data Security and Privacy : Safeguarding sensitive customer information and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations added an additional layer of complexity to the project.

Adit Microsys’s Solution:

In response to the multifaceted challenges, Adit Microsys devised a comprehensive solution that exceeded Kalpataru’s expectations:

  • Tailored Application Development : Adit Microsys developed a custom application tailored to Kalpataru’s specific requirements, integrating features such as journey planning, sales tracking, and geo-tagged verification seamlessly.
  • Advanced Geo-Tracking Integration : Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the application seamlessly integrated with Google Maps, enabling precise location tracking of field sales personnel in real-time, enhancing operational efficiency and accountability.
  • Intuitive User Interface : Prioritizing user experience, Adit Microsys designed an intuitive interface that simplifies complex tasks, ensuring ease of use and adoption across all levels of technical proficiency within the sales team.
  • Robust Security Measures : Implementing rigorous security protocols and encryption standards, Adit Microsys ensured the highest level of data security and compliance with industry regulations, safeguarding Kalpataru’s sensitive information.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities : The solution empowered Kalpataru’s management with powerful reporting tools, enabling them to generate insightful reports on sales performance, lead management, and business expansion strategies, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Technologies

    Android Studio Flutter