HALO Card is developed to share your social accounts and profile in smart and effortless way. This application works on NFC technology where a Smart Business Card allows you to share your contact information, portfolio links, social media profiles, etc. with just a tap. Moreover, the opposite person does not require any application to receive your information.

The information can be edited anytime and anywhere through the HALO application without reprinting or reissuing the business card.

It is not necessary that every user has latest technology phone that supports NFC technology. Hence the alternative proposed for NFC technology is the QR code. With the help of mobile application, the QR available on the back side of the card will be scanned and the user can facilitate the entire application.

Key Features of the Application:

  • Add Social & Business App links
  • Share Social Accounts with only one tap
  • Make connections
  • Share Social profiles by QR Code
  • Customized & Attractive Cards