Overview of the Project: GLIC, the GNLU Legal Incubation Council, is a pivotal initiative aligned with GNLU’s vision…


Gujarat State Board of SChool TextBook

SDG-15:Life on Land

Overview of the Project: “E-Learning SDG-15: Life on Land” is a comprehensive online platform by Adit Microsys, dedicated…

SDG-8:Decent Work and Economic Growth

Overview of the Project: SDG-8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, strives to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth,…

SDG-4:Quality Education

Project Overview: SDG-4: Quality Education aims to ensure inclusive and equitable education for all, fostering lifelong learning opportunities….

Std-6 Science

Overview of the Project: Our e-learning module for Chapter 9 of Standard 6 Science under SSA offers an…

Std-5 Maths

Project Overview: Adit Microsys proudly presents an e-learning module tailored for standard 5 Mathematics, focusing on Chapter 8…

Std-7 Maths

Overview of the Project: Our e-learning module for Standard 7 Mathematics, Chapter 4, offers a dynamic and interactive…

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